Vaccinations by Elbert Hubbard

27 Sep

SHORT time ago I spent a week in Saint Louis. During that week there were three deaths of children from tetanus (lock-jaw), all the direct result of vaccination. The Board of Health had been very busy, and all children that could not show a scar were vaccinated, this without consent of the parents or of the child. For each vaccination the city paid the kind doctors delegated to do the work, the sum of fifty cents. That is to say, these physicians operated on healthy children, introducing a poison into their systems, thus giving them a disease, in order to prevent them from having one—all for half a dollar per child. The three children that died netted the doctors a dollar and a half.


As before stated, these children died, and scores of others were made seriously ill. How many were poisoned for life no one knows. Children know all that the parents know, and the report that vaccination had killed several struck panic to the hearts of those not yet vaccinated. Many children refused to go to school for fear of the doctors. And such was the alarm through non-attendance that the School Board called a meeting and passed a resolution asking the Board of Health to desist from these fifty-cent operations until the question of the quality of the virus used could be passed upon.


Now, there is no such thing as a “pure virus.” Vaccine virus is a poison in itself. And vaccination, if it “takes,” always reduces the resiliency or resisting-power of the patient, laying him open to any germ that may be flying around that way.


The President of the Board of Health took refuge behind the law, which required him to vaccinate the school-children. But personally he said he thought the whole system was founded on a superstition, and on a very barren assumption.


Said the physician: “Many people who are vaccinated never have smallpox. A few who are vaccinated have smallpox. To assume that those who are vaccinated would have smallpox if they were not vaccinated is childish reasoning, fit only for those who are willing to accept a tainted plea, because they are already convinced. I must admit that the logic of vaccination is no reason at all, and could only appeal to prejudiced, ignorant and unthinking people. I wish we were rid of the whole thing, but I am not strong enough to stem the tide. Doctors get paid for vaccination, the books and colleges uphold it, and this thing will go on until the people revolt, which I hope they will do soon.”


Here we get the expression of an honest man—an Allopath physician—caught in the toils of Custom. Physicians are instructed from books, in colleges, and by professors who were taught from books in colleges. This is not knowledge: it is the memorizing of things evolved many years ago by men who knew much less than we do. Very few physicians know how to live.


Everywhere you find doctors who are soaked in tobacco, booze and dope, breathing foul air, thinking vile thoughts, resorting to stimulants as a pick-me-up. These are the men that uphold vaccination—these are the men who assaulted the school-children of Saint Louis, and forced a poison into their healthy bodies for fifty cents a body. Oh, the shame of it!


Immunity from disease comes from fresh air, pure water, clean surroundings, an active, useful life, and kind thoughts.


The fear wrought in a school by one of these bewhiskered rogues, with his outfit of scalpels, scarifiers and poison, is a cause of disease in itself. The plan of vaccinating the mind with the virus of fear is in itself a crime, and a most common cause of disease.


[Elbert Green Hubbard (June 19, 1856 – May 7, 1915) was an American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher. He was an influential exponent of the Arts and Crafts movement and is, perhaps, most famous for his essay A Message to Garcia.]

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