Must Sell Chiropractic!

11 Sep

However, it is not sufficient to study Chiropractic in the world’s best school, to know it thoroughly and to go back to your home town with a diploma in your trunk. You must SELL Chiropractic! And how can this be done? First and foremost, you must be sold on it yourselves….

To be sold on Chiropractic yourselves and to be able to sell it to others, you must thoroughly UNDERSTAND ITS PRINCIPLES and not merely words in which its principles are couched. You have to sell IDEAS, not words. Consequently, learn ideas and grasp them. The mere words “mental impulse,” “innate intelligence” and other Chiropractic expressions will not get you to first base unless you grasp and thoroughly master the IDEAS that those words convey.

And this brings us to the matter of explaining Chiropractic to prospective patients. By all means, explain it so people can UNDERSTAND what it is all about. Remember that your patients are not Chiropractic students. Therefore, if you speak to them in Chiropractic terms without TRANSLATING those terms for them, you are wasting your breath, for they will not understand you. If you speak to them of a “subluxation,” an “axis,” or “mental impulse” without explanation, you are talking over their heads. Technical terms are proper when you are speaking to technical men. But when you are talking to ordinary people you have to use ordinary language. Get the IDEA across in THEIR terminology, and then you can begin to apply the technical names; but always careful to translate them into ordinary language.

By B. J. Palmer, D.C., Ph. C – Book: Up from Below the Bottom

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One response to “Must Sell Chiropractic!

  1. Dr. Kenny

    September 12, 2008 at 1:02 am

    I am a Chiropractor in Newtown for the past twenty years and nothing serves me better than the words of B. J. Palmer. He was a genius.


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