So You Want Performance!

07 Sep

So, you want to increase your performance or zest for life? There are actually three parts to that:

1. Function: Getting the body functioning as close to 100% as possible. This requires that you select a Chiropractor who is interested in transitioning you to a Healthy Lifestyle and is willing to monitor you weekly until you succeed. Knowing that the nervous system controls every function in the body we can assume that if the flow of life giving energy from the brain is interfered with and doesn’t reach a certain portion of the body, that portion will start to wither and die. We also know that the brain will shut off an injured area in order to protect the function of the rest of the body. The brain will actually numb out an area in order to shut off the pain impulses it is receiving. Getting your spine aligned is an important part of achieving a healthy properly functioning body.
2. Exercising: If part of the transition is a desire for better performance or requires a loss of weight then exercising at the right intensity will give you energy while reducing your weight. Fat is actually stored energy. I like to get up in the morning and drink a large glass of pure water, then drink a greens drink and take 300 mgs. of niacin, a B complex capsule, 1000 mgs. of vitamin C, let it digest and when I start feeling the flush from the niacin I head for my rebounder while listening to the music channel so that the music inspires me to work out. I do this for 30 minutes and by that time the niacin flush has ended. Now why the niacin and why the flush. Well it is my understanding that overnight the body is repairing itself and cleansing toxins. So in the morning would be the best time to flush the system of whatever is left over and start the day new. Also the flush is putting the nutrition from the greens drink and the vitamins I took right into the cells of the body so that they get the nutrition they need to start the day right.
3. Nutrition: The right nutrition will naturally increase your energy and reduce your weight without giving you the feeling of hunger. The first and most important part of nutrition is the consumption of large quantities of pure water. Start your day with at lease 10 ounces on an empty stomach and continue to drink at least eight, 8 ounces glasses a day. An easy formula is to take your weight, let’s say you are at 200 lbs you divide that by 2 and you need to drink 100 ounces of water or ten 10 ounce glasses of water a day.
Then you have to cut out white flour, sugar, sweets, chips, and all other processed foods. Your Chiropractor or nutritionist can guide you. They can also recommend what vitamins, minerals and oils you need to take. I prefer a raw food diet as I know that I’m consuming energy giving live products. I really don’t believe that you can get energy from dead foods. Its a simple idea and you need to transition to this type of food consumption.
Paul Turnbull – Purpose Consultant (727) 643-8376

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