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Vaccinations by Elbert Hubbard

SHORT time ago I spent a week in Saint Louis. During that week there were three deaths of children from tetanus (lock-jaw), all the direct result of vaccination. The Board of Health had been very busy, and all children that could not show a scar were vaccinated, this without consent of the parents or of the child. For each vaccination the city paid the kind doctors delegated to do the work, the sum of fifty cents. That is to say, these physicians operated on healthy children, introducing a poison into their systems, thus giving them a disease, in order to prevent them from having one—all for half a dollar per child. The three children that died netted the doctors a dollar and a half.


As before stated, these children died, and scores of others were made seriously ill. How many were poisoned for life no one knows. Children know all that the parents know, and the report that vaccination had killed several struck panic to the hearts of those not yet vaccinated. Many children refused to go to school for fear of the doctors. And such was the alarm through non-attendance that the School Board called a meeting and passed a resolution asking the Board of Health to desist from these fifty-cent operations until the question of the quality of the virus used could be passed upon.


Now, there is no such thing as a “pure virus.” Vaccine virus is a poison in itself. And vaccination, if it “takes,” always reduces the resiliency or resisting-power of the patient, laying him open to any germ that may be flying around that way.


The President of the Board of Health took refuge behind the law, which required him to vaccinate the school-children. But personally he said he thought the whole system was founded on a superstition, and on a very barren assumption.


Said the physician: “Many people who are vaccinated never have smallpox. A few who are vaccinated have smallpox. To assume that those who are vaccinated would have smallpox if they were not vaccinated is childish reasoning, fit only for those who are willing to accept a tainted plea, because they are already convinced. I must admit that the logic of vaccination is no reason at all, and could only appeal to prejudiced, ignorant and unthinking people. I wish we were rid of the whole thing, but I am not strong enough to stem the tide. Doctors get paid for vaccination, the books and colleges uphold it, and this thing will go on until the people revolt, which I hope they will do soon.”


Here we get the expression of an honest man—an Allopath physician—caught in the toils of Custom. Physicians are instructed from books, in colleges, and by professors who were taught from books in colleges. This is not knowledge: it is the memorizing of things evolved many years ago by men who knew much less than we do. Very few physicians know how to live.


Everywhere you find doctors who are soaked in tobacco, booze and dope, breathing foul air, thinking vile thoughts, resorting to stimulants as a pick-me-up. These are the men that uphold vaccination—these are the men who assaulted the school-children of Saint Louis, and forced a poison into their healthy bodies for fifty cents a body. Oh, the shame of it!


Immunity from disease comes from fresh air, pure water, clean surroundings, an active, useful life, and kind thoughts.


The fear wrought in a school by one of these bewhiskered rogues, with his outfit of scalpels, scarifiers and poison, is a cause of disease in itself. The plan of vaccinating the mind with the virus of fear is in itself a crime, and a most common cause of disease.


[Elbert Green Hubbard (June 19, 1856 – May 7, 1915) was an American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher. He was an influential exponent of the Arts and Crafts movement and is, perhaps, most famous for his essay A Message to Garcia.]

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Living Man Is?

Book: Evolution or Revolution by B.J. Palmer 

Chapter 2: Living Man Is?


LIVING MAN—is the original and first internal, automatic, autonomous, auto-mobile.

—has a spiritual, mental generator and batteries (brain), wire system (nerves), spark plugs (peripheral ends of nerves), trillions of motors (muscles).

—is a chemical laboratory, mixing proper and right quantities and qualities of ingredients, acids, and alkalis, at proper places, at correct times, to meet every necessity, to produce its own internal gasoline-gas.

—is the original internal combustion engine, producing a liquid and gaseous heating and cooling systemic system for all its parts;

—from which there is a carbon-dioxide exhaust, which is transported thru tubes to mufflers (lungs), which silently convey it to outer space.

—has a complete series of individually independent and inter-dependent muscular sets of movements producing internal locomotion automation.

—has a complete inter-communication system notifying all parts when, where, how, and why to inter-relate their activities;

—all of which have been tried, tested, developed, constructed and reconstructed many times, many ways;

—all of which have been in the making and working in unity millions of years in millions of duplications;

—produced in the largest, finest, and longest continuous working assembly line of any production factory, assembling millions of duplicated models, all alike, season after season.

—is a spiritual, mental, electrical, chemical, mechanical inter-related, inter-locking, integrated system, into one harmonious whole, without conflict, each part of which works at proper place, at right time, in normal quantities, with natural directions, both efferent and afferent, all of which works under one consistent guiding intelligent factor, all of which works as one total unit producing a movable healthy living man.

—has perfect locomotion as the ONE most perfected machine conceived and never duplicated by education in any part, the sum total of which makes a movable automobile.

Every intellectual, mental, electrical, mechanical, chemical factor known to science is first found in and working in living man,

—there being but 310 known mechanical movements in man-made devices, all of which are first found in living man, which educated man tries to artificially duplicate.


SUPPOSE—one such complete unit had some one or more parts that weren’t working at par; paralyzed

—had some one or more chemicals unbalanced, solid or liquid, acid or alkali

—had “cold feet” or “fevered body”

—and some part or parts refused to be automobile,

COULD YOU, by education gathered and garnered in school, college, or university

—from here or there,

—from birth to adult life,

—direct any or all of this coordinated locomotion —to restore any absent inactivity?


IF all this is internally independent of, and is not under the direction, control, or regulation of external medical science (?) or medication, of what use is IT when sickness appears and medical education (sic) thinks IT ALONE has EXTERNAL wisdom and power as great or greater, to pursue its arbitrary programs to modify, change, and can prescribe some compound or inject some deleterious injection into the machine which hopes to bring cosmos out of chaos, increasing or decreasing these internal functions which are solely under the intelligent, self-sustaining, self-perpetuating INSIDE SOMETHING within, which originated them?


Educated man primitively and durably lives a divided exis­tence between the top Innate above and immaterialistic function in the materialistic body below. He knows there IS a source greater than his education and he does see the manifested expression. He knows, educationally, he cannot know the Innate in its infinity, yet in spite of this he thinks he can educationally do something, somewhere, some way, to aid, help, direct, and improve upon ITS physical products in that body.


He knows the Innate is at all times, in all ways, normal and natural. At the same time, he educationally sees, studies, diagnoses the inferior physical abnormal, unnatural sicknesses and diseases. Without making allowances for the controlling source—factor of Innate, he educationally tries to patch, change, modify, and correct the abnormal TO normal, the unnatural TO natural, by ignoring source above, hoping to improve the finite physical diseases. He hopes to increase normal quantity OF SOURCE above, of abnormal quantity of physical expression below, by stimulating or inhibiting abnormal quantity below.


Obviously, education, being an abstract of a lower semi­source order, cannot observe or sense the infinite Innate itself as an abstract of a higher and unreachable order. This kind of incorrective thinking is equivalent to trying to whip a rundown, tired old horse at the bottom of the hill, hoping to FORCE the sick horse to pull an impossible load to the top of the hill. Medical education senses the sick horse, does NOT know WHY the horse is tired; nor does he know the difference between “able” and “tired.” Not knowing any difference, he proceeds to WHIP THE SUBSTANCE, MATTER, BONES, and MUSCLES of the horse. He knows no other way of trying to increase the ability of THE PHYSICAL horse.


Because medical abstract EDUCATION cannot see, direct, modify, or change the INVISIBLE source; and because medical abstract EDUCATION CAN see, modify, and change the VISIBLE matter, they proceed to try to do so in multiple ways, thinking that IS THE WAY to improve the invisible IN the visible.


E-mail me at and I will send you a copy of this article.

Call me at (727) 643-8376 if you want a purpose revitalization telephone consultation.

Paul Turnbull



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Survival Value

Elbert Hubbard (1856 – 1915) and B.J. Palmer (1881 – 1961) often got together to discuss world events and how to help their fellow man. They both wrote several books, articles, and published newspapers on the subjects of life, liberty, health and the pursuit of happiness. Here is an explanation from the book “Evolution or Revolution by B.J. of how the the term “Survival Values” was coined: 

Some years ago, during one of his periodical visits to us here at our home, over the     dinner table, the late Elbert Hubbard asked me: “WHAT ARE THE TWO MOST VALUABLE WORDS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE?”

I told him I had never given it a thot, and asked, What are yours?


I told him quite frankly I didn’t see much in them, to which he replied:


They have become a landmark in our thinking, ever since.

Later, we enlarged HIS thot. We added four more words:




meaning that what uses a person makes of his time–thinking, saying, and doing–are ACCUMULATIVE, day after day, year after year; and as they accumulate they are either CONSTRUCTIVE for welfare of man, or DESTRUCTIVE, injuring people with whom he commingled.

Elbert Hubbard’s life had an


Hitler’s life was that of


By B. J. Palmer, D.C., Ph. C


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Un-Brainwash the Chiropractor

The world is indoctrinated in medicine. People are conceived and born in a medicine cabinet. They grow up in a drug store. Their priests and their tin gods are the AMA. They have been brain-washed, hypnotized, mesmerized and drugged to believe their life-force comes from Outside-in.
Chiropractic must unbrainwash the public and demonstrate that health comes from Inside-Out. But first we must un-brainwash the Chiropractor, too many of whom have themselves not caught the idea that the vertebral adjustment releases Innate, works in harmony with Innate, becomes a partner with Innate in effecting the cure.
By B. J. Palmer, D.C., Ph. C

You can watch 4 Chiropractic Philosophy videos at Report Master – Business Builders TV:

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24 Qualities Geniues have in common!

The world’s greatest geniuses have all had 24 personality characteristics in common and you can develop the same traits yourself, says an expert.

“Most people have the mistaken idea that geniuses are born, not made”, declared Dr. Alfred Barrios, author of the book, Towards Greater Freedom and Happiness.

“But if you look at the lives of the worlds greatest geniuses like Edison, Socrates, DaVinci, Shakespeare, Einstein, you will discover they all had 24 personality characteristics in common.

“These are traits that anyone can develop. It makes no difference how old you are, how much education you have, or what you have accomplished to date. Adopting these personality characteristics enables you to operate on a genius level.”

Here are the Characteristics Dr. Barrios lists, which enable geniuses to come up with and develop new and fruitful ideas:

1.    DRIVE. Geniuses have a strong desire to work hard and long. They’re willing to give all they’ve got to a project. Develop your drive by focusing on your future success, and keep going.

2.    COURAGE. It takes courage to do things others consider impossible. Stop worrying about what people will think if you’re different.

3.    DEVOTION TO GOALS. Geniuses know what they want and go after it. Get control of your life and schedule. Have something specific to accomplish each day.

4.    KNOWLEDGE. Geniuses continually accumulate information. Never go to sleep at night without having learned at least one new thing each day. Read. And question people who know.

5.    HONESTY. Geniuses are frank, forthright and honest. Take the responsibility for things that go wrong. Be willing to admit, ‘I goofed’ and learned from my mistakes.

6.    OPTIMISM. Geniuses never doubt they will succeed. Deliberately focus your mind on something good coming up.

7.    ABILITY TO JUDGE. Try to understand the facts of a situation before you judge. Evaluate things on an opened minded, unprejudiced basis and be willing to change your mind.

8.    ENTHUSIASM. Geniuses are so excited about what they are doing; it encourages others to cooperate with them. Really believe that things will turn out well. Don’t hold back.

9.          WILLINGNESS TO TAKE CHANCES. Overcome your fear of failure. You won’t be afraid to take chances once you realize you can learn from your mistakes.

10.     DYNAMIC ENERGY. Don’t sit on your butt waiting for something good to happen. Be determined to make it happen.

11.     ENTERPRISE. Geniuses are opportunity seekers. Be willing to take on jobs others won’t touch. Never be afraid to try the unknown.

12.     PERSUASION. Geniuses know how to motivate people to help them get ahead. You’ll find it easy to be persuasive if you believe in what you’re doing.

13.     OUTGOINGNESS. I’ve found geniuses able to make friends easily and be easy on their friends. Be a ‘booster’ not somebody who puts others down. That attitude will win you many valuable friends.

14.     ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE. Geniuses are generally able to get their ideas across to others. Take every opportunity to explain your ideas to others.

15.     PATIENCE. Be patient with others most of the time, but always be impatient with your self. Expect far more of yourself than others.

16.     PERCEPTION. Geniuses have their mental radar working full time. Think more of others’ needs and wants than you do your own.

17.     PERFECTIONISM. Geniuses cannot tolerate mediocrity, particularly in themselves. Never be easily satisfied with your self. Always strive to do better.

18.     SENSE OF HUMOR. Be willing to laugh at your own expense. Don’t take offense when the joke is on you.

19.     VERSATILITY. The more things you learn to accomplish, the more confidence you will develop. Don’t shy away from new endeavors.

20.     ADAPTABILITY. Being flexible enables you to adapt to changing circumstances readily. Resist doing things the same old way. Be willing to consider new options.

21.     CURIOSITY. An inquisitive, curious mind will help you seek out new information. Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know it all. Always ask questions about things you don’t understand.

22.     INDIVIDUALISM. Do things the way you think they should be done, without fearing somebody’s disapproval.

23.     IDEALISM. Keep your feet on the ground — but have your head in the clouds. Strive to achieve great things, not just for yourself but for the better of mankind.

24.     IMAGINATION. Geniuses know how to think in new combinations, see things from a different perspective, than anyone else. Unclutter your mental environment to develop this type of imagination. Give yourself time each day to daydream, to fantasize, to drift into a dreamy inner life the way you did as a child.

Paul Turnbull (727) 643-8376

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Time is of the Essence!

Time always has and always will perpetuate those methods which better serve mankind. Chiropractic is no exception to that rule. My illustrious father placed this trust in my keeping, to keep pure and unsullied or defamed. I pass it on to you unstained, to protect as he would have you do.
As he passed on , so will I. We admonish you to keep this principle and practice unadulterated and unmixed. Humanity needed then what he gave us. You need now what I give you. Out there in those great open spaces are multitudes seeking what you posses.
The burdens are heavy; responsibilities are many; obligations are providential; but the satisfaction of traveling the populated highways and byways, relieving suffering and adding millions of years to lives of millions of suffering people. will bring forth satisfaction and glories with greater blessings than you think. Time is of the essence.
May God flow from above-down His bounteous strengths, courage and understanding to carry on; and may your Innates receive and act on that free flow of Wisdom from above-down; inside-out…for you have in your possession a Sacred Trust. Guard it well.
By B. J. Palmer
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The Bigness of the Fellow Within

B.J. Palmer and Elbert Hubbard of East Aurora, NY were the best of friends and wrote several articles together and published them in their separate newspapers. While they traveled on the seminar circuit each had a room in the other’s house so that they could arrive at anytime and visit. Elbert wrote and publish a famous business article in 1899 called “The Message to Garcia” which sold over 40 million copies at that time and was translated in several languages worldwide. B.J. wrote an article which I feel is just as inspiring called “That Something” and published it in his 1949 book “The Bigness of the Fellow Within.” Here’s what B.J. had to say about Elbert:

“Elbert Hubbard was a natural. He lived, loved, thought, wrote, and printed without inhabitions. What he thought was what he said. When he found no words to express a thought, he coined them. His works on Journeys to the Homes of the Great and the Near Great are masterpeices of modern thinking. He wrote one about B.J. and Chiropractic.”

If you e-mail me at I will send you copies of these articles.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull (727) 643-8376

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